About us (and about you)

To learn who we are, we must learn who you are.

Our clients come to us for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to learn a new technology or business skill.

In other cases, people come to us for help starting a new career, including making the career choice, or writing a resume, or preparing for an interview.

We also see people who are not sure of their life direction, their priorities, and how to balance all of vital things we have to do to be successful.

The coaching and tuition services we offer help you to really understand and learn. We don’t tell; we guide you, while imparting all the information you need to make the choices right for you.

We also patiently explain and help you understand new skills, and show you how to apply these in real world settings.  


Andy Miles is a certified career and life coach, and a professional tutor (including 10 years at a leading US university). What is unique about our services is that you can sign up for as many or few as you need, and still achieve your goals. Often you come to use with one particular goal in mind, and we help you achieve that. Sometimes the goal is unclear, and we help you decide you goal. Other time, you may just want a resume and cover letting reviewing.

We are always happy to help!

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