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One of the best things about your life is you have so many options. And this can also be one of your greatest challenges.

At Pro Quickly we have deep experience of helping people like you chose among these options.

We offer a complete service. All the way from uncertainty to success. And along the way you learn valuable life skills.

Becoming a pro means so much more than just your career.

Embracing professionalism is central to success, personal growth, and credibility in your field. As a professional, you distinguish yourself with a high standard of skills, knowledge, and ethics.

This enhances your reputation and opens doors for career advancement, increased earnings, and job satisfaction.

People regard professionals as reliable and trustworthy. Professionals contribute positively to their industries, instilling trust, and upholding the standards and codes that keep these industries accountable and progressive.

Ultimately, becoming a professional is about committing to continuous learning, excellence, and integrity in your work.

Getting started is easy. So let’s get started!




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since 2014

Andy Miles has deep experience helping people just like you. Andy  successfully assists both individuals and organizations to achieve what they really need. We can do this for you!

You will find our values, goals, plan, action, and achievement steps will really help you understand and obtain what you need.

The services we offer include life and career coaching, and training in valuable career skills to support what you really want to do. We have a special understanding for people who need patience and clarity to help them.

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Our Mission

Helping people to feel fulfilled and rewarded by doing what they love.


Our Vision

A world where people live with tolerance and respect for all.

Our Services

Experts at what we do

Our partnership is built on trust. We are qualified and experienced in all the services we deliver.


Career coaching, goals, resumes, and hiring

Software and database development

Project management, consulting and facilitation

Life coaching


Coaching is sometimes misunderstood. As a certified coach for careers and life events Andy Miles has the tools necessary to help arch you effectively. 


Information technology

Information technology knowledge is needed in just about every position available is business today.. Whether you need to learn how to use a spreadsheet, or database, acquire project management or analysis skills, or become a full time developer, we can help.


We offer courses that allow you to work at your own pace. Should you need one on one help, that is available too.

Connect when and where works best for you!

Online Tutoring

Busy lives, complex schedules… all can interfere with achieving your goals. “Next year I will have more time” can easily not become a reality. 

For some, the discipline needed to be “forced” to attend regular sessions as part of courses or a program can work.

But we’d rather you didn’t need to be forced. So with the online model comes flexibility, the benefit of a coach and tutor to hold you accountable. And you will want to attend. Because we always have fun doing this!


Let’s do this together! 

We want to help. Maybe you know what you want to do but don’t know where to get started. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you are doubting your current direction and need to think things through. Or maybe you have some specific learning or career goals with which you need help.