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Aiming to make a lasting first impression?

Our professional resume writing service is designed to do just that. Our skilled writers are expertly trained to explain your achievements, experience, and skills in a concise yet compelling format.

We understand the nuances of multiple industries, and tailor your resume to meet job application requirements.

With emphasis on keyword optimization, and effective presentation, we provide tailored, transformational resumes that command attention and make your application stand out in a crowded job market.

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Arrange an initial resume consultation. A resume will cost you $250 including a cover letter and two appointments.

Practice interviews and other consultation available at an extra $40 per hour.

Why use a resume writer?

1. Professional Expertise: Professional resume writers have extensive knowledge of industry trends and know what recruiters look for in resumes. They understand how to use the right terminology and phrases, and format your resume to make it appealing.
2. Objective Viewpoint: It’s often difficult to objectively present your career history. A professional resume writer can distill your history and present your skills and experiences in a way that highlights your achievements and uniqueness.
3. Time-saving: Writing a high-quality resume can be a time-consuming process, especially when writing is not your forte. A professional resume writer can get the job done effectively in less time.
4. Keyword Optimization: Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through resumes. A professional resume writer knows how to optimize your resume with the right keywords to help it get picked up by these systems.
5. Increase Job Interview Chances: A well-written, professionally done resume can significantly increase your chances of getting an interview as it will stand out from the crowd.
6. Cover letter and LinkedIn Profile Enhancement: Many resume writers also provide other services such as writing custom cover letters tailored to specific job applications, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles, improving your overall professional image.
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