This week I downloaded Intellij. I find it an outstanding tool to help me get started with Java. I’m using JDK v 21 and have been able to create my first project, using several classes.

Coming from Python, the greatest frustration for me is having to write getters and setters for attributes of the class. So I taught myself lombok. I love this and am now using it in my projects.

I have also given tuition sessions with two of my Python clients who are learning Java for professional reasons. These seemed to go well, and are reinforcing for me the cliche that “teaching helps you to learn”. Cliche maybe, but true.

I just switched form GitHub to Bitbucket as I liberate myself from final remains of Microsoft software. I will be publishing a link to me Java repo soon, if anyone wants to see what I am up to.

More news coming… But I am starting to really like Java!

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