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Why use a career coach?

Career planning can be challenging. And there are lots of reasons why you might consider a new career:
1. Professional Growth: If your current job doesn’t offer chances for advancement or skill development, you will be looking for better opportunities.
2. Increased Income: another career path might offer a higher earning potential that better aligns with someone’s financial goals.
3. Job Satisfaction: enjoyment and passion for the work are crucial. If someone feels unfulfilled or unhappy in their current situation, they might pursue a career that better aligns with their interests and skills.
4. Work-Life Balance: If your current job demands too much time or creates undue stress, you might switch careers to find a better balance.
5. Changing Industries: with the constant development of technology and innovation, new industries and roles are created regularly. You might find these emerging fields more exciting and promising.
6. Job Security: if your current industry is declining or unstable, changing careers could provide a more secure future.
7. Meet new challenges: you may be looking for new learning and growth opportunities.
8. Impact and meaning: you feel you can make a meaningful contribution or difference.
Keep in mind that changing careers usually requires careful thought, planning, and potentially new education or training. You needs to study the new field, evaluate the transferability of your skills, and often start at a lower level position than your previous job.

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